Waiting for the midnight sun
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A film by Laila Abbas

In a small sleepy town like Moi, Norway, it’s not particularly hard to spot the fifteen new non-blonde residents. The newcomers are migrants who have recently been resettled in the town. The city council has decided to house the asylum seekers in single-family homes in common neighborhoods, thus giving them the opportunity to interact with the local population. Part of the program is a course that all new arrivals must attend so that they can get to know Norway and its culture better.

It turns out that these courses are primarily used to teach the refugee men that they must treat European women with respect. These courses become the venue for various disputes and conflicts between Arab men and women, and between refugees of different political and religious views. These heated debates are slowly leading to clashes outside the classroom as well. The Norwegian course instructor had no idea that she was stirring up a hornet’s nest.