The Delegation
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A film by Asaf Saban

Poland. Warsaw’s Chopin airport. Businessmen, tourists and local workers come and go. A group of 40 teenagers, accompanied by a few nervous adults, exits the arrivals gate. They are all bunched up together, wearing white sweatshirts with “ISRAEL” printed in blue on the back. At first glance they might look like a national sports team. But this Delegation is here for a very different reason -a school trip to concentration camps and memorials. We’ll follow this young Israeli delegation on their journey around Poland where the incomprehensible past of WW2 meets the complex present of being a teenager. The clash between these realities is at the base of this perceptive, sometimes funny coming-of-age story.


A co-production with Gum Films (ISR) and Koi Studio (PL)

With the support of Deutsch-Polnischer Filmfonds and MDM Produktionsförderung

  • Director
    Asaf Saban/
  • Writer
    Asaf Saban/