Jette erst recht! – The series
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© Judith Drews

Live-action TV series for kids

Written by Fee Krämer

based on the novels Jette erst recht! and Jette oder nie! by Fee Krämer, published by Fischer Sauerländer Verlag

The series Jette erst recht! deals with friendship and family and the tumultuous everyday life of  9 years old reporter girl JETTE.

Propelled by many questions, she and her best friend KONRAD first look for a new girlfriend for her father and later on for her beloved chubby white rat HERR MANN. They encounter not only a snippy pony, a philosophical drunkard and a rival with unicorn. Most of all Jette finds a new family. Though, along with the new family comes competition. The same-aged MAJA is everything but compatible with Jette. But, after being forced to team up for some new adventures, Jette begins to understand that the new family might not be as bad as she first thought.


With the support of Formate aus Thüringen